Yangon, Myanmar

The trip to Yangon was a quick one from Phnom Penh to Bangkok to Yangon. Before we boarded the flight, they ensured we had our visas as well as a ticket out of the country.


  • Renee – A friend of a friend met up with us in Yangon and took us to a cute place for dinner and drinks. It was great to connect with someone and learn more about her
  • Free walking tour – We enjoyed walking around town and learning about the architecture. Along the way, we also found sugar cane juice – what could be better:)
  • Going to an “English learning class”  – We were approached by a monk when visiting the Shwedagon Pagoda that invited us to come to his English class. We had people of all ages and ranges of speaking proficiency in the class. Jamie got grouped with the boys, and I got all the ladies. While I was grumbling about how early I had to get up, the class ended up being fun. Jamie, who was more excited about the class than I was, ended up not having as much fun because his group was very quiet.
  • Circle Train – Jamie and I attempted to do the “circle train” around Yangon. This 3 hour ride gives people a view of everything around the city while only costing a few dollars. Jamie and I got the tickets but then ended up on the wrong train. Eventually the train stopped, and someone just yelled at us to get off. We then had to wait for another train to take us back to the city – so our ride was 2 hours.

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