Bangalore and Mumbai, India

I was SO looking forward to going to India, mainly because I knew my mother would cook some amazing food that I could eat. After the few weeks of stomach woes, I was ready some fresh vegetables, Indian food and chocolate souffle.


  • Jamie playing carrom with my mother – and getting beat by her every time!
  • Mom’s cooking…enough said.
  • Hanging out with my cousins! We went out one night and checked out the Bangalore brewery and bar scene. We also went to a Dave & Buster’s type place for an afternoon of games and bowling.
  • Jamie playing basketball with Jesuits a couple of times

After our week in Bangalore, we headed for a quick three days in Bombay. My cousins had a bank holiday, so 10 of us headed to the ‘country’ for an overnight trip! The trip down and our housing situation left a little to be desired, but we had SO MANY LAUGHS, that it was totally worth it! The place also had a great pool, which is where we spent most of our time!

After months of traveling, Bangalore and Bombay were the respite we needed!

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