Biggest Quilt Ever!

It has been a long time since I blogged, but in that time, life has been busy! Getting home to four weddings, starting back at work and readjusting to America! Since I’ve been home, I did work on the biggest quilt I’ve ever made – the title of the blog is slightly misleading.

In October of 2015, my friend Allison got married and wanted to make a guest book quilt with the white squares everyone signed. In September of this year, I got all the squares needed to put the quilt together and started putting together a LARGE puzzle.

2017-01-11 17.52.14

the initial layout

2017-01-12 13.38.57

laid out!

2017-02-26 20.59.19

sewing all pieces together!

Overall, the squares lined up pretty closely, which was great because I did not PIN a single piece. This project really showed me that I do not like to pin – no matter the size of the project. The next step was to put on some borders. I decided to put on a mitered corner border — not a good idea. It took me and my friend FOREVER to figure out the best way to get the corners done correctly. After sewing it on, we realized we should have just done the basic border!

2017-02-26 21.01.13

i found a fabric that worked well!

2017-03-16 22.32.56

mitered corner border success!

After the borders were added, I had to figure out the backing. I’ve never made a quilt this big before, and I couldn’t get the back piece square. I’m also terrible at math, so that did not help as I tried to get measurements figured out. I had my friend Kathleen come over and help me, and we worked for a few hours figuring out the ‘grain’ of the material, cutting and stitching everything together. PHEW! I then headed to a local shop to do the long arm! At Treelotta, Teresa helped me load everything onto the long arm, and I spent three hours quilting the entire piece together!

2017-03-25 16.17.21

Teresa helping me set-up!

2017-03-25 16.27.50

finishing the quilting!

With the quilting done, all that was left was putting on the border. I did this on my home machine, which was easier because of my fancy new machine 🙂

2017-03-25 19.29.37

titan helping me out!

Over 40 hours later and I have the final product!

2017-03-26 17.59.49


2017-03-26 18.00.20

the fancy back!

2017-03-26 18.04.58

laid out on a queen sized bed

2017-03-26 18.05.44


2017-03-26 18.07.14

the corners turned out great!

I’m going to stick to smaller quilts for a bit longer before I learned the tricks of making bigger quilts!

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  1. Teresa Niel Ihm, Allison's Mom says:

    It’s amazing! What a good friend you are! I can’t wait to see it!

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